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September 24, 2013


Composites Part II


Still working on my composites. I think I’m getting there.

May 29 2013 NapoleonStylized2



June 30 2013 CalfStylizedablog

I have been working on my compositing skills and thought I would share my latest ‘play’.

I started in lightroom 5 and performed a clean edit. Then I moved the shot into OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 7 where I masked the calf and added a new background. I moved the shot into PhotoshopCC & did some levels work. Lastly I opened Color Efex Pro 4 and used a vintage & an antique effect.

*Edit* After viewing the above on the blog I realized that the calf was not positioned correctly on the background as the plant on the lower right indicates.

Here is another try with similar processing. On this one I did not apply any Color Efex Pro 4 effects:

June 30 2013 CalfStylized2

It still looks fake but at this point who the hell cares.  Practice makes perfect! LOL!!